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Jobst FarrowWrap 4000 Velcro Wrap Below Knee

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About the product


*New wearers must be fit by a certified fitter and receive a class on how to properly don the garment. Failure to do so will void all manufacturer warranties. Garments are non-returnable and/or exchangeable once received. 

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The JOBST FarrowWrap 4000 is an easy-to-apply velcro leg piece with just four bands, making this wrap a simple and effective alternative to bandaging and stockings. Jobst FarrowWrap 4000 has an inner elastic sleeve that keeps your FarrowWrap in place while you fasten the bands.

FarrowWrap 4000 contains elastic short-stretch compression properties, making for a comfortable resting and effective working compression. A perfect solution to bandaging your legs or high compression elastic stockings. 


  • Sold individually, not as a pair
  • Utilizes 4 easy to apply velcro straps
  • Available in Tan or Black


  • Chronic Venous Disease
  • Heavy and Swollen Legs
  • Lymphedema
  • Venous Leg Ulcer

    Your Jobst FarrowWrap 4000 will come with:

    • (1) single FarrowHybrid I foot compression sock, providing compression in the foot and ankle only. The rest of the sock acts as a non-compressive liner above the ankle keeping your skin protected from actual FarrowWrap.

    Fiber Content: 89% Nylon, 11% Spandex

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