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How To Measure

Taking proper measurements is an absolute must when determining garment size. However, achieving a great fit goes beyond taking measurements. Not all garments work the same.


  1. You will need a cloth measuring tape, pen and paper.
  2. Measurements should always be taken as soon as possible after waking when swelling is minimum.
  3. Measure next to bare skin, not over clothing.
  4. The measuring system is based on having the foot flat against the floor and the leg at a right angle to the foot.
  5. Measurements should be taken by pulling the tape snugly around the leg, but without constriction.
  6. Length measurements should be taken from the ground up.

Hint: Take all measurements, even if your patient requires calf-length, as you or the patient might decide another style is necessary.



Step # 1

Measure the ankle circumference at the narrowest part of the
ankle, above the ankle bone.

Step # 2

Measure the calf circumference at the fullest part of the calf.

Step # 3

Determine the calf length by measuring from the floor up
to the bend of the knee. This measurement is taken on the
outside of the calf.

PANTYHOSE AND THIGH-HIGH STYLE - Skip Step # 3 and go to # 4

Step # 4 

Measure the thigh at its widest circumference.

Step # 5

Determine the thigh length by measuring from the floor up to
the gluteal fold.

Step # 6

Determine the hip circumference by measuring the
widest part of the hip.


*Measurements will allow you to determine the size based on each manufacturer's size chart for lower extremity elastic compression stockings and socks. Upper extremity and specialty garments will have measuring guidelines to the product page as they are not universally standard between manufacturers.

**Always look at the size chart for each item as size charts are not always the same within the manufacturer and never the same between manufacturers. 


We have a proven track record and would be glad to help determine the appropriate size, compression level (mmHg) and garment. We have helped thousands of clients go from unworn garments sitting in a drawer to wearer and enjoying the benefits. Call 980-320-8260 to speak directly with a certified fitter. On occasion a call back may be necessary.