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Are varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis causing you problems? Regain control of the situation with Mediven compression garments today!

The Compression Care Center can help you achieve those goals. To take the first step, give us a call on 980-320-8260 now!


When you experience frequent leg ache? and problems linked to varicose veins, poor blood circula±ion from the legs to the heprt is the most likely underlying cause. Mediven compression socks, stockings, and velcro wraps offer the perfect solution to regain control of the situation.


Compression socks aren't a magic cure to all leg pains. However, their ability to enhance the lives of patients with blood flow velocity and valve efficiency issues is incredible. In fact, the benefits of wearing Mediven compression stockings have led to them becoming a regular solution prescribed by doctors and medical experts.

Their elastic material compresses the leg with a continued level of pressure throughout the time that you wear it. This can reduce swelling and pain, prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis, remove fatigue, and combat issues ranging from venous ulcers to orthostatic hypotension. In turn, this can improve your quality of life in many ways, such as

  • - Restore normal movement and function in the legs,
  • - Complete more daily tasks without needing to stop due to leg pain,
  • - Improve your safety by preventing falls caused by hypertensions,
  • - Avoid the medical complications caused by the associated conditions,
  • - Prevent the need for scary and expensive hospital visits.

    • Compression socks can be used as a preventative tool or as a part of the ongoing management of existing conditions. Either way, when compression items are deemed suitable, Mediven is one of the best brands to consider for the sake of your health, happiness, and finances.

Whether you want to maintain good blood flow velocity while traveling, running long distances, working around the office, or recovering from a condition, the extensive range of Mediven compression socks, stockings, armsleeves, and velcro wraps will deliver everything you need.

Whether you want to maintain good blood flow velocity while traveling, running long distances, working around the office, or recovering from a condition, the extensive range of Mediven compression socks, stockings, armsleeves, and velcro wraps will deliver everything you need.


Mediven is one of the world's leading manufacturers of compression socks, stockings, and velcro wraps. The company was formed back in the 1920s and has helped millions of patients with their medical and injury prevention needs.

The company now produces several ranges to suit all lifestyles and occasions. Whether you've been prescribed compression garments by a doctor, advised by a personal trainer, or simply feel that they could benefit you, Mediven has you covered. The following collections are available:

  • Medi Active
  • Medi Assured
  • Medi Comfort
  • Medi DuoMed Advantage
  • Medi DuoMed Patriot
  • Medi DuoMed Relax
  • Medi DuoMed Transparent
  • Medi Forte
  • Medi Plus
  • Medi Sheer & Soft
  • Medi for Men
  • Medi Dual Layer
  • Medi Vitality

When using compression socks and stockings around the home, you probably won't worry too much about the esthetic appeal. However, when wearing them for daily activities, it's important to find a garment that looks great too. If self-conscious feelings can be avoided, it should be a priority during the buying process. Mediven's products are as attractive as they are functional.

While many of the supportive items are worn as undergarments, their tight and snug fit means that they remain unnoticeable through your main outfit. Moreover, the neutral tones mean that you can wear them as the visible layer without concern. When the right size is selected, they remain comfortable all day long. Likewise, the quality materials are built to last for the long haul.

Mediven is a brand that ticks all boxes, such as: -

  • A reputable brand that can be trusted.
  • - Wide range of products in various styles and compression levels.
  • - Excellent function underlined by long-term wearability.
  • - Attractive looking garments suited to visible and non-visible wear.
  • - Unique products for different scenarios.

Mediven also produces specialized products for complex and specific medical conditions. Open toe and diabetic models are two examples. When needing a compression sock for short-term or ongoing use, only the best product for your needs will do. Get it right to unlock a plethora of physical and mental health rewards with immediate results.


Compression socks are commonly defined as men's knee-high compression socks or women's knee-high compression socks. They are worn like a traditional sock, applying a little pressure to compress the leg to provide the benefits of improved blood flow velocity.


Mediven thigh-high compression stockings offer another popular solution and are worn in a similar fashion, except they are longer and go above the knee to promote improved blood flow in the thigh area. While predominantly for women, male users can also wear them.

Mediven Compression Socks, Stockings, Armsleeves, and Velcro Wraps In One Place

No two people are identical, which is why it's essential to find a compression garment that matches your requirements. Mediven offers a wide range of solutions to deliver optimal performance, health benefits, and comfort. The Compression Care Center helps you find them all in one place.

The Mediven collection additionally covers compression socks and compression stockings for both men and women. So, which option is right for you? Let's find out.

8-15 MMHG

Any Mediven compression sock that falls under this range is considered a mild compression. It will deliver relief from aches and pains, along with support for minor varicose veins. It is a popular choice for women during pregnancy while they are also commonly selected for home use and work around the office.

15-20 MMHG

The Mediven compression stockings that carry this number are considered moderate compressions. They are popular with first-time users and athletes looking for supports during exercise. Wearing this type of compression is also very useful for long haul flights and journeys, as well as preventing deep vein thrombosis.

20-30 MMHG

Class 1 compression stockings are those that fall into the 20-30 mmHg category. They are considered firm, providing ampli compression for moderate to severe edema, varicose veins, and orthostatic hypertension. They are a very popular selection for post-surgery recoveries, particularly for periods of forced rest.

30-40 MMHG

Extra-firm compressions, also known as Class 2, are designed for severe and profounds health conditions. They help manage edema and lymphedema, varicose veins, post-thrombotic syndrome, and venous ulcers. Their compression is more noticeable than the mild ones. However, the blood flow upgrades are clearer too.

40-50 MMHG

Class 3, otherwise referred to as RX, is the firmest compression sock and stocking. They will restore normal feelings to the legs among people with severe edema, venous ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis. The 40-50 mmHg resistance can also reverse some of the symptoms caused by long-term blood flow problems in the legs.


Mediven's comprehensive range of men's and women's compression socks, stockings, armsleeves, and velcro wraps deliver a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and compression levels to ensure that the perfect match is found for your specific needs. Compression Care Center brings the full range under one roof, delivering the Mediven quality and a world-class service every time.

While the products are extremely affordable, particularly given the benefit they can bring to your daily life. Still, the fact that the Compression Care Center team accepts BCBS of NC, BCBS of SC,


From men's compression socks to women's thigh-high compression stockings and armsleeves, the Compression Care Center team is here to support you through every stage of the process. From decision-making to donning, the process has never been simpler. Check out the range or call 980-320-8260 for more information.


Unlike the two products above, Mediven velcro wraps are stepped into like a pair of shorts to support the thigh. They start at the waist and end at the knee to promote upper leg health. The fact that they can be worn under your main clothes makes them unnoticeable too.


In addition to leg compression products, Mediven provides a range of armsleeves that promote better blood flow in the arms. They incorporate a fingerless glove and run up almost to the armpit. They can be patterned with various designs to make a fashion statement.