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20-30 mmHg Velcro Wraps

Most are unaware that giraffes have venous pressures of more than 250 mmHg at their ankles - three times more than humans. Why is that important?

Giraffe skin is inelastic, meaning that it does not stretch. Thus, giraffes are not susceptible to problems like lymphedema and venous disease, even though they may be on their feet 24 hours-a-day.

Inspired by nature, circaid has incorporated this concept into its inelastic products, designing the "perfect alternative" to traditional compression therapy. The first patented circaid legging (short for circulation aid) was inspired by a giraffe’s inelastic skin – this core technology would evolve into all future circaid products.

circaid products enable patient engagement earlier in the treatment of venous diseases and improve compliance with compression therapy. circaid products empower patients now and provide:

  • Cost-effective alternatives to traditional bandaging
  • Safer and simpler treatment compared to bandaging
  • Self-management technologies to improve patient compliance