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About Us

Compression Care Center was started by Wes and Jeneen Anderson partly because of an everyday frustration. Wes worked in sales and found his legs and feet ached by the end of his busy days. Jeneen had been working in the compression apparel industry for a few years and knew the positive impact compression socks made on her customer's lives. She bought a few pairs for Wes to try and little did she know their lives were about to change. To no surprise to Jeneen, the support socks she bought did the trick. After wearing his new socks for less than a week it became obvious his pain had completely gone away. On top of helping with the leg and foot pain, he found that his socks stayed up all day, this so happened to be a major pet peeve.

Wes and Jeneen were so impressed by it all they decided to do more than tell the world about it; they began selling them too. In 2005, with the news they were pregnant with their first child they took a leap of faith and began selling online through a website they had professionally built. 

Starting with a handful of products from a single vendor out of their house; they quickly grew into other product lines in an effort to meet the needs of others they met. Today Compression Care Center provides service and garments capable of treating diabetes, lymphedema, various vascular diseases, as well as garments that help assist in the recovery of cancer surgeries and radiation to burn garments.

In our 18 years of business, we have always followed a couple basic fundamentals most of us learned as kids but as adults, we sometimes seem to forget. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. And this one is what sets us apart. Take time to listen and understand our client's needs and concerns. If a prescription does not seem right for the client we are fine speaking with the prescribing physician to share our concern. A person's extenuating circumstances play as important a role when deciding what a client goes in as their diagnosis. I am sure some of you have purchased a garment that caused pain, discomfort or you simply could not get on. We pride ourselves on putting people in garments that work, feel good while providing them the freedom to get them on without outside help.

We know if we always do right by you and keep our faith in God we will always be successful.

Thank you for taking the time to read. 

Be Blessed!

Wes and Jeneen