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First Time Wearing Compression?

If this is your first time wearing compression and you are local to our facility, you would be better served to call 980-320-8260 and schedule a free fitting and consultation.

If you are not local to our facility and new to compression we would recommend following the Steps to a Perfect Fit seen below.

Steps to a "Perfect Fit"

1. Print, complete and return this form (NOCIF)

fax: 980-320-8298

2. Consultation

  • Once your paperwork is received a consultant will contact you do that we can get to know you, learn your needs, and determine whether there any extenuating circumstances that may prevent wearing compression stockings. A day and time may be scheduled if a spouse, partner or caretaker wishes to be present. 

3. Receive Written Instructions / Return Completed Sheet

  • Following the consultation, measuring guidelines will be given providing detailed instruction on how to measure.
  • Return measurements to the provided email address.

4. Fitting, Garment Consultation / Order Placement

  • Upon receiving your measurements we will do an analysis of everything learned prior discussions and the provided measurements and recommend garments. You will be contacted to discuss recommendations. If we believe a ready-to-wear garment will not work we will advise you at this time. 
  • If donning or doffing devices are recommended we will discuss at this time.
  • You will be added to the Compression Care Center system and your item(s) will be sent from our facility or our manufacturers.
  • You will receive a video demonstrating proper donning techniques.

5. A follow-up, if needed

*By completing these steps we guarantee your complete satisfaction. If we were unable to help you, you will be allowed to return any unworn garments for a full refund minus shipping.