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Sigvaris Medaform Standard Arm

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About the product


The Medaform Standard Arm is an inelastic compression device. The device is highly adjustable and durable. Paired with cotton liners, the Medaform Standard Arm offers compression to the arm.

Special Note:

New wearers should be fit by a certified fitter and receive a class on how to properly don the garment. Garments are non-returnable and/or exchangeable once received. 

Need assistance? Call 980-320-8260, we can help!


  • A high-containing garment that applies firm gradient compression throughout the limb
  • High-density foam liner included for the massage of fibrotic tissue
  • Removable straps for increased adjustability
  • Durable medical-grade material with zero stretch
  • 30-40 mmHg

Product Information:

Sigvaris Medaform garments are for individuals in the advanced stages of lymphedema. Patients with Stage II or III of lymphedema benefit from the high and low-pressure ridges the inner Wave foam liner creates. These high/low-pressure ridges channel the lymph fluid and promote drainage. The straps and inner foam liner of the garment are replaceable, making the Medaform a durable, long-term solution for the treatment and maintenance of lymphedema.


  • Medaform Standard Arm
  • Medahand (size will match the Medaform selected unless otherwise noted)
  • 1 pair of non-compressive cotton liners
  • Unistrap

Fabric Content:

Polyamide: 41%, Polyurethane foam: 23%, Polyester: 15%, Cotton: 12%, Neoprene: 8%, and Elastane: 1%

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