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Circaid Reduction Kit, Lower Leg

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About the product

The garment can be easily custom-fitted in the clinic and adjusted as patient link size reduces. Patients can independently apply and remove their garment, promoting patient independence and empowerment, inturn increasing patient compliance. Circaid's reduction kit provides consistent, gradient compression all-day long; say goodbye to drooping bandages.

A trained lymphedema therapist is required for initial sizing and customization. The calf circumference (cC) cannot be more than 30cm larger than the ankle (cB). This item is non-returnable.


  • Early phase decongestion treatment of lymphedema.


  • Inelastic compression.
  • Breathable fabric that improves comfort and compliance.
  • Juxtaposed band system for a perfect fit.
  • Easily customized on a per-patient basis.
  • Easy handling when donning and doffing.
  • Built-In-Tension System supports a repeatable level of tension.
  • Adjustable to your specific patient’s needs

System Includes:

  • 1 reduction lower leg component
  • 1 reduction kit undersleeve leg
  • 1 reduction shelf strap
  • 6 hook and loop stays
  • 1 Built-In-Tension system guide card
  • 1 paper measuring tape
  • 1 direction for use.
  • *Foot options are not included with circaid® reduction kits. We recommend adding the Comfort Anklet at a minimum.

Add the upper leg system and knee system to complete the entire leg. Sold separately.

Patient Donning Tutorial - Reduction Kit: Lower Leg

Clinician Instructional video - Reduction Kit: Lower Leg

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