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Circaid JuxtaFit Essentials Upper Leg w/Knee

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About the product


*New wearers must be fit by a certified fitter and receive a class on how to properly don the garment. Failure to do so will void all manufacturer warranties. Garments are non-returnable and/or exchangeable once received. 

Inelastic, ready-to-wear compression garment for the entire leg. Worn with JuxtaFit Premium or JuxtaFit Essential Lower Leg.


  • Mild to severe lymphedema.
  • Mild to severe lipedema.
  • Moderate to severe venous disease.


  • Inelastic compression.
  • Compression (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 and 50+ mmHg).
  • juxtalock™ band system allows for easy and instant adjustability of product without removal.
  • circaid® built-in pressure system™ (BPS™) guide card provides targeted compression ranges for improved results.
  • SILVERtec™ added to prevent static, odor & propagation of bacteria in the garment.
  • Active & sedentary use.
  • Simple measuring & sizing – Ready made in multiple sizes with 2 lengths of the lower leg and 3 lengths of the upper leg with knee.
  • Works great with elastic stockings as part of a complete compression system.
  • 6-month warranty.
  • Available in beige.

System Includes:

  • Legging, pair of knee high or thigh high undersleeves (footless), black cover up and – built-in pressure system™ (BPS™) guide card.
  • Circaid® power added compression band™ (pac band ™) and pair of compression anklets included with lower leg. See accessories page for foot options.

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