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Ultralight Low Cut Socks

by CEP
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Lightweight breathability and performance-enhancing compression technology come together in this stylish yet practical sock. These women's socks offer targeted medi compression, which helps prevent foot swelling and alleviate pain from overuse injuries like Plantar Fasciitis. Choose a performance sock that can keep up.


  • Targeted medi compression over the instep helps prevent swelling
  • Ultralight design and hydrophobic materials improve breathability
  • 25% less volume than CEP Low-Cut Socks
  • Anatomically padded cushioning, anti-blister, anti-hotspot
  • Seamless toe closure for maximum comfort

Fabric Content: 74% polyamide, 13% elastane, 13% polypropylene

Colors: Black/Grey, White/Grey, Viper/Green, Electric Blue/Green, Electric Pink/Green (women only)

Size Chart: measure ankle circumference at the narrowest point

Size Ankle Circumference Shoe Size
Men's Women's
2 7-8.25 in / 18-21 cm   NA 4.5-6.5
3 8-9.25 in / 20-23.5 cm 8-10 6.5-8.5
4 9-10.25 in / 22.5-26 cm 10-12 8.5-11
5 10-11.25 in / 25-28.5 cm 12+   NA