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Jobst Anti-Em Stockings, 18 mmHg, Knee High, Closed Toe

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About the product


JOBST Anti-Em/GP provides accurate gradient compression therapy, minimizing the risk of DVT (blood clots). Available in closed toe or with inspection window. Inspection window has an opening on the top of the foot which allows for easy visual inspection of the foot and toes.

Note: Anti-Embolism stockings are also referred to as TED stockings or hospital stockings. They are commonly found in hospitals as a way to prevent blood clots while you are immobile. They are much different than graduated compression which is used for someone that is mobile.


  • Soft, breathable fabric is lightweight and comfortable
  • Latex free formula helps avoid allergic reactions
  • Offered in an array of sizes to ensure proper fit to help increase patient compliance

Fiber Content:

Not given, Latex Free

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