There is no way I can get these on!

Compression Stockings are not easy to get on.  If you are big and strong you will likely get them on but I wouldn’t be surprised if you tore them along the way.  Compression stockings have to rank right up there with exercise equipment.   Items you buy with good intentions and we think that it will be like hoping on your bike or in our case putting on your socks; but it’s not.  I have heard thousands of stories of dressers full of compression stockings.  Can’t get them on throw them in a drawer a year goes by and you try a different brand or style but the same results.  Well when you deal with Compression Care Center that stops, promise.


Things you order with good intentions but quickly look away and act like they are not you will likely destroy them in the process or soon after.  Donning compression stockings is an art, that’s right.



We hear this a lot.  Almost every person that walks out of their doctors appointmeoffice and walks into the nearest pharmacy or medical supply storegoes and buys a pair of compression stockings mumbles these exact words at some point to themselves.  Well mumble no more, CCC is here to save the day!

The first thing you should do is visit a specialist that knows about compression → Compression Care Center←, “yes” I am plugging ourselves as experts when dealing with compression garments. You are not alone, donning a compression stockings is not an easy task for all of us especially if arthritis  if you  and this is very common problem that most of you face especially when you are asked to wear the dreaded 20-30 or 30-40 mmHg stockings or socks.

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